People with asthma need and deserve support. Finding asthma support from groups and resources like TalkingAsthma can prove to be a valuable tool in better living. Here we offer peer stories and tips for asthma management. 

Remember – Family, friends, and coworkers certainly need to know how to give support in an asthma emergency. It’s also important to understand that asthma can be managed and controlled – a healthcare provider should be consulted for personalized information on asthma and asthma medications.

  • A ‘DNA Diet’ May Help Reduce Type 2 Diabetes Risk, New Study Argues
    In a new study, undertaken by Imperial College London in the United Kingdom and DnaNudge, and published in Scientific ReportsTrusted Source, researchers investigated diets customised to an individual’s DNA — to assist participants in controlling blood sugar levels and decrease the chances of developing type 2 diabetes.
  • How to Time Meals While Intermittent Fasting for Diabetes
    Intermittent fasting (IF) for people with diabetes has the potential benefit of improving blood glucose—and possibly reversing diabetes or going into “remission.” The key is balancing these benefits with the safety concerns of following this eating plan when taking diabetes medications.
  • 10 Cold-Weather Foods Good in a Diabetes Diet
    Cozy up to fall and winter noshes like these, and you’ll reap benefits that will aid blood sugar and weight control.
  • Decoding Nutrition Labels: A Guide for People With Diabetes
    With a bit of guidance, you can decode food labels and gain a better understanding of the information they present, such as whether the calories in the food are empty (meaning they come from added sugars or unhealthy fats) or nutrient-dense (meaning they come from protein, fiber, vitamins, or minerals). This information can help you make more informed choices about the foods you eat to take control of your health and manage your diabetes more effectively.
  • Tips for Eating Healthy on the Go
    Everyone is busy, and let’s face it, not everyone wants to spend hours in the kitchen every day to eat a good breakfast, break for lunch, or rush to make dinner in the evenings. Instead, a lot of us may only have time to eat on the go. Whether that means grabbing a pre-made meal from the store or from your own refrigerator, convenience is key. But sometimes, the foods that are most convenient aren’t always the healthiest. While we could always use more time to focus on the things that matter most to us, it doesn’t mean we need to sacrifice healthy eating in the process